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Our podiatrists at The Foot Clinic are local professionals that are experienced in all aspects of podiatry. 

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Foot and Ankle Experts

Our expert podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions. These include plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, heel and ankle pain, ingrown toenails, general nail care, diabetes management and more!

Orthotic Prescription

Our podiatrists are highly skilled in the use of custom orthotics. They develop, prescribe and fit custom-made orthotics to manage foot and lower limb conditions. Our expert podiatrists can also modify your existing orthotics if required.

Biomechanical Assessment

 Our team are trained to assess and manage biomechanical problems, using the latest technology to diagnose and manage foot problems including gait abnormalities, foot posture problems, and sports-related injuries.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful. Our podiatrists are highly skilled and qualified to perform minor surgical procedures, such as ingrown toenail surgery and administering of local anesthetics.  

Foot Problems

Our Podiatrists have the skills to manage and treat foot and lower limb conditions in children, including developmental problems and gait abnormalities.

Foot Care

Podiatrists in play a vital role in the management of foot problems related to diabetes, including neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, and foot ulcers.

Trustworthy Podiatrist Wagga and Wodonga

When you have foot problems, the pain or condition may become worse over time, and it is best to have it looked at right away. Our two locations will make it easier for you to see one of our experts. You don’t need a referral, just make an appointment with our Wodonga podiatrist or Wagga podiatrist depending on your location.
We also work with kids’ feet, and we can give you a personalised management plan for corns, fungal or ingrown nails so you can have healthy feet again.

Latest Technology

At The Foot Clinic we use the latest evidence based technology to provide fast & effective solutions for foot and ankle problems.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries and is used by our expert podiatrists to treat all types of injuries of the lower limb.

3D Printed Custom Orthotics

Using the latest 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, our podiatrists can prescribe custom orthotics to treat a range of foot and ankle conditions

Why See a Foot Care Experts?

Besides the basic foot problems and conditions that you might be aware of, you could have underlying issues that are contributing to your pain or discomfort.
We make use of the latest technology to assess foot gait, while you can also benefit from our shockwave and photodynamic therapy.
We cover aspects from nail and toe problems, diabetes management and wound care to footwear and custom orthotics to maintain a foot care program and improve your condition.

Two Convenient Locations

Wagga Wagga

99 Trail Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650


Level 1 Suite 2 107-119 Wodonga Place, High Street, Wodonga VIC 3690
(Within Health Focus Physiotherapy)

More Than Just Foot Care

Very often, the pain you experience in your foot might have its origin elsewhere, and it is merely a side effect. Or the pain originating in your foot can also cause other complications in your joints and limbs. We address every aspect of your problem with the latest technology to give you a complete analysis of your feet and any areas we need to address.

Wagga Opening Hours

Early morning appointments available every day with extended after hours appointments available on Monday’s and Friday’s

Monday & Friday

Tuesday – Thursday

*These hours may vary slightly

Wodonga Opening Hours

Friday (once a month)

*These hours may vary slightly

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The Foot Clinic is a NDIS and Aged Care Package provider

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